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Compulsory Basic Training to Direct Access

Direct access

If you wish to learn to ride an unrestricted Motorcycle you need to have completed a CBT and Motorcycle Theory test.

If you are under the age of 24 then you can still take the test but the bike must be restricted to 47bhp.

For more information visit our routes to full licence page.

What is involved

There are two modules that need to be passed in order to get a full licence. You must pass Module 1 before attempting Module 2.

  • Module 1 is an off road test which includes, various manoeuvres such as manual handling, figure of eight, U turn, slow control, cornering, emergency stop and avoidance, 
  • Module 2 is an on road test. Prior to going on the road you must demonstrate that you are able to read a number plate from a distance of 66 feet. There are show and tell questions about the bike, and  questions about carrying a pillion passenger. You then must safely complete a road ride, which will include independent riding.

On the day of your test

You will need your CBT certificate, Driving licence, Motorcycle Theory test certificate. 

Your test will not go ahead if you do not bring these or if you are not suitably dressed.

Any further advice can be found by visiting  www.gov.uk