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Compulsory Basic Training to Direct Access

Compulsory Basic Training

If you are new to riding then this course is for you. Once you have succeeded in completing the course, depending on your age,  you will be able to ride bikes from 50cc to 125cc.  Although you must continue to display L plates, you will not be able to carry passengers or use motorways.

Your training will consist of the following 5 elements

  • Helmets and safety gear - The instructor will inform you about what is required by law and what to look for when buying your equipment.
  • Controls, Periodic checks, and practical on-site training - This will inform you about the bike, maintenance and how to manoeuvre it safely.
  • Practical on-site riding - Now the fun starts, you actually get to ride a bike in a safe environment.
  • Question and answer session regarding riding and  the highway code.
  • The  road ride - This is where you are assessed by your instructor on everything that has been covered but in a live traffic situation. This lasts a minimum of two hours

The CBT is not a test and there is no exam it is an assessment of your riding ability, if at any point in the day the instructor feels that you are not safe,

 you will be advised to return another day, for further instruction and training. This will incur further cost.

What is required on the day

  • Driving licence
  • National Insurance Number
  • Sturdy footwear preferably with ankle support/no open toes.
  • Jeans with no ripped knees. 
  • If you normally wear glasses you will need them as you must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 66 feet.
If you have waterproof clothing then bring it as we will go out rain or shine.

Any further advice can be found by visiting www.gov.uk